new blog


pino just testing


7 Responses to “new blog”

  1. Pino Palladino Says:


  2. m4ttyb0y Says:


  3. m4ttyb0y Says:

    hey,what’s the protocol with these things? can we ask questions?

  4. musica23 Says:

    Hello! Can’t wait to see you playing live with The Who this Sunday via streamcast!

  5. webmasterm Says:

    Hi m4ttyb0y,
    Can we ask questions? Sure we can!!! See the Ask Pino link in the menu.

  6. mollinkm Says:

    Did you draw/paint it yourself?

  7. alsendk Says:

    Hello Pino Palladino
    my comment here is mostly directed to your admirers here on your blog.
    For those fans of you that only know of your incredibly musical ability from being the Who`s new bass player…..they should take a deeper research into your career as a studio musician.

    Please find these artists mentioned here,- and discover how beautiful and melodic a bassplayer mr. pino Palladino really are, and you will discover a whole new side of him.

    Allan Steen Iverssoen
    Denmark find these: Massimo di Cataldo (Cresendo)
    Stephan Eicher (Engelberg)
    Claudio Baglioni (Oltre)
    Claudio Baglioni (Io sono qui)
    Lauzzana (Between you and me)
    I Muvrini (Leia)
    Fredericks Goldman Jones (90 Pluriel 96)

    please allow me to come back soon with more suggestions, when I got time to go deeper into my pino Palladino collection of rarietes, please excuse me for my poor written english.


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