Q: Can I ask Pino a question?


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65 Responses to “Q: Can I ask Pino a question?”

  1. joegreenwood Says:

    Hi Pino, my name is Joe Greenwood, Im 22 and live just north of London, saw the gig on Sunday at Hyde Park and thought it was brilliant. I am a bass player and play in several bands and am hoping to get into session work. i have already done some work for smaller studios, but I was wondering if you had any advice or suggestions as to which is the best route to head down?

    Thanks for your time to read this.

    All the best on the forthcoming tour,

    Kind Regards,



  2. spinaltap Says:

    Hi Pino!

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed listening to your work on the John Mayer Trio release. Can you tell me who were your top influences as a developing player? Thanks!

  3. entwistle429 Says:

    Hey Pino,
    Loved your work for years, and wow now you get to stretch out with The Who. I’ve been listening to this years tour in the web (Thanks Pete), and I love the way you keep it sounding like The Who but your playing like you. A difficult role to fill and your doing it wonderfully. Has it been a challenge?

  4. tobias13606 Says:

    Hi Pino,
    Have loved your work over the years.My bass teacher in the 80’s was very influenced by your style.I was happy to finally see you in a John Mayer Trio live video.I was surprised at how similar your technique and my teacher’s technique were!We don’t often get the chance to see you here in the states.
    My question is about your Fender Precision bass(the Fiesta Red) used in the live work with John Mayer……..Is that the original one you own or the Fender Custom Shop model they now make like yours? Could you please ask Fender into sending one to me? (Wink) I woud love it!!
    Many Thanks for your Time and Entertainment

  5. patrickell Says:

    Firstly thanks for taking time out to chat and have a photograph taken with me at the second night of Liverpool Pops – it was very kind of you & much appreciated. I was lucky enough to get to the Leeds University gig at the start of the tour and wondered what you thought of it all – it had the air of being something very special indeed – was this your impression?
    Also the drawing on the blog – it’s really great – are you the artist and if so do you do a lot of drawing/painting?
    Best wishes with the rest of the tour. Regards

  6. dcdan Says:


    Have you ever used nylon strings on electric bass? If so, which ones? I read somewhere that there La Bella makes velvet coated black nylon strings, but haven’t been able to find them ANYWHERE? Ever heard of them?

  7. moonsafari Says:

    Which tracks on JM’s Continuum are you the most excited about? How’s that double humbucker custom shop fender tele bass treatin’ you?

  8. joeholly Says:

    Pino-have you been using a fender jaguar bass whilst touring with the who? it certainly looked like one at liverpool summer pops. what is your opinon of it as I am thinking of getting a new ‘grown up’ bass and cant decide between the jag and a USA precision.

  9. steveonbass Says:

    Hello Pino,

    Hope you’re well and enjoying life.

    Just a note to say thanks for being an inspiration. I play bass for blues based guitarist singer songwriter Ian Parker (www.ianparkermusic.com) and myself and our drummer have been following your progress with John Mayer for a while. We can’t wait to hear the new album.

    Thanks for everything Pino.

    Best wishes,

    Steve Amadeo, Birmingham

  10. flobass Says:


    i heard you would play with jeff beck on his germany tour…..did you play it?
    i was @ the concert in mainz and im not shure if that was you……..

    really dig your stuff (really!!!!)
    all the best


  11. blamblam Says:

    Hi Pino,

    I dig your bass playing.

    But I think with The Who you need to go balls out a bit more. And get a closer sound to entwistle. The music sounds a bit thin without that thunder in the background. I’m all for finding your own sound within the music, but I think in this case, you need to get closer to the intent of the original sound. You should have your sound guys work on getting some more bang behind your bass.

    Also, tell Pete to ditch the strat. It just doesn’t get the correct sound he needs. Too thin. He really needs to get back to the gibson sound.

    Sorry for the constructive critism. But I dig the who and enjoy seeing you young guys play with those old guys. I just want you all to get some more balls into the sound.

    So crank it up and have fun with it.

  12. cjbp Says:

    Pino, Chris Jisi here, can please you call or e-mail me at your earliest convenience?

  13. kevcooke Says:


    I saw you with The Who at Ashton Gate, Bristol on 28th June and I was totally blown away by your playing as much, if not more than the whole band together! Couple of questions:

    How do you approach writing lines for The Who now that you’ve been playing with them a while? Some of your lines on Wire And Glass pt1 are just so awesome, love the fills during the first movement. I would very much like to be able to play like you do with The Who, as it would be quite fitting for what I do, so do you have any advise on approaching this?

    Any things in general that I should practise?

    Last question, the Fender Jaguar that you used, was it an off the shelf, japanese made Jaguar bass or was it made especially for you?

    Many thanks, and all the best to you


  14. taffychick Says:

    Hi Pino

    I sent an e mail to the longe aea of your site I think…my name is Annie Burns was married to Michael Walsh …anyway dont want to re hash the e mail I hope you get to read it…but I would love to reconnect I still ive in the States just outside NY I think I was in Canada last time we saw each other…if interested…which Ihope you are please e mail my contact info is in the other e mail


  15. taffychick Says:

    Hi again

    are you playing with John Mayer at JOnes Beach AUg 30h?


  16. ianperge Says:

    Dear Pino,

    Firstly, thanks for being one of the “Inspiration Crew” (Tonys Levin and Franklin, Sean Malone & Ric Fierabracci) that got me to push back the feeling of inadequacy and pick up a fretless bass. In the years since it’s become a valuable part of my toolbox, and you’re owed a fair share of the credit in the expansion of my skill as a bassist.

    …and now having (very lately) discovered D’Angelo’s “Voodoo”, I’m sure I’ll be adding more Precision playing to my practice routine. πŸ˜€

    I’m interested in knowing if you’ve you ever had the inner calling to create your own musical project as a “leader” (as opposed to “The Tweeters” band project or the touring bands that can come out of a session) or does being a sideman fulfill you as a musician?

    Many thanks,
    Ian Perge

  17. mortenmartens Says:


    Are you working on anything with mr. Poyser or Saadiq at the time? Or anything soulish?

    Man, your sound is amazing! Please hook up with D’angelo again! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for inspiring basslines!!


  18. ognolman Says:

    Hi Pino!

    On your recordings with Gary Numan were you using a fretless Precision? I’ve been really surprised to see that you probably used a Precision back then because it has such a Jazz-bass like tone. What bass were you using on Paul Young’s “Every Time You Go Away”??

    I love your playing, Pino! You’ve been a huge inspiriation to me for decades. Best of luck!

    Ben Davis

  19. bassman27a Says:


    I just saw your show with The Who at Jones Beach Wednesday night, and I’ll be seeing you both nights at MSG this Monday and Tuesday. One question. I noticed you had your P bass on stage, but played what I thought was a Fender Jaguar bass the whole time. These are pretty new and I was wondering why that bass? I love Fender (Jazz bass) and after your endorsement I may pick up a Jag!

    Thanks Pino, you’re awesome. See you Monday!



  20. louc Says:

    I saw you with Jeff Beck on Fri, 09/08/2006 in Orlando Fl. @ the House of Blues…Great show! Since you are now joining The Who on tour, who is filling in with Beck? Also, everything I’ve read on your equiptment says you use Ashdown amps, but it didn’t look like Ashdowns at the Orlando show. What amps were you using…they reallk had some kick to them.

    `Cap’n Lou

  21. wasabifox Says:

    Hi Pino,
    I have been enjoying your playing. You have great tone.

    Are you using the TI JF344s on your Pbass? If not, what are you using?

    Do you roll back the passive tone control on you Pbass? If so, how much?

    Keep-up the good groove,

  22. petevaldez Says:

    hey pino! i am from the huntsville, alabama area, and your pal spanky has been teaching me for almost the past year. he is a very wise and awsome man. your music has been a huge inspiration to me and i hope spanky will take me to see you one day!! i don’t really have a question, but it would rock if you replied to this!!


  23. samgoldring Says:

    Hi pino, I’m a drummer from swansea. I saw you at the St James club with Hamish and became interested in your work with the philidelphia artists you’ve been recording with. Mama’s Gun Is my wifes favourite album.

    I am currently a 2nd year jazz student studying under Rob Townsend and Nikki Isles at Middlesex university. I’ve been playing drums in blues, working clubs and function Bands for 13 years and have lots of great musicians I now play with. However, My wife is a U.S. citizen and we will both be moving to New York with in the next year or so. I’m really looking forward to playing American music with American players but will have to start form scratch as I only know a few people out there. I would love to have access to producers like James Poyser but don’t really know how to get on that scene. How did you get noticed and get to Play? I am living full time in London and would really appreciate a chat at a local gig if you had some time.

    Many thanks, Sam Goldring


  24. jjoberle Says:

    Hi Pino,

    Thank you so much for giving your fans the opportunity to ask their questions. Before I start, I just want to say my favorite recording of yours at this time (as i love pretty much everything you do. including ) is the work you did with Simon & Garfunkel at their Old Friends concert. Your basslines are so eloquent and beautiful – completely elevated what was already one of the greatest performances i’ve ever heard or seen.

    You’ve probably heard this before but your basslines to “Lady In Red” and “Every time you go away” are considered legendary. Do you remember what gear you used to get that amazing sound?

    Congratulations on Continuum and acquiring a whole new generation of fans!

    With Love & Respect,
    Jenn Oberle

  25. kipdynamite Says:

    Hey Pino. Regarding your Ashdown amp. How do you eq it? Do you use the “Pre-shape”? What sound do you try to achive? Mid-scoop or do you push it a little? I see you’ve been with the Boss OC-2 for a while. How do you like the Ashdown Octave feature on the amp? Where do you use the octave pedal?


  26. Q: Have you been using a Fender Jaguar bass whilst touring with The Who? (joeholly) « Pino’s Bass Blog Says:

    […] (complete question) […]

  27. Q: Have you ever used nylon strings on electric bass? (dcdan) « Pino’s Bass Blog Says:

    […] (original question) Yes,on a Status hollow body with a piezo pickup. […]

  28. kranz Says:

    Love your sound and your playing, man. Had the chance to meet Tony Levin recently and we talked about your feel on Voodoo for about a 1/2 hour — don’t know if you have ever met him but he SWEATS you.

    I was just looking for some pointers on EQing my Ashdown. I use an ABM 500 head through an ampeg svt 4X10 cab — you have any suggestions on sweet spots for live? for recording? Thanks and good luck in the future

  29. ccac Says:

    Q: I’ve been wanting to ask you about your work on D’Angelo’s James River project. Can you tell us anything about the musical direction of this project (perhaps compared to Voodoo)? How would you rate it? And when was the last time you worked with D’Angelo and what did you work on? I ask you this because it’s hard to get any info on this. Thanks in advance.

  30. ryanowens Says:

    Q: Hello Pino.

    I was wondering if your original Fiesata red P bass is the original finish or a refinish? If it was a refin what was the original color and when/why did you refin it?

    Will you continue playing it or your new custom shop bass live?


  31. batbox Says:

    Hi Pino

    It’s a long time since we met. Ronnie Scotts, some years ago. How is the family? I expect you are still globe trotting but you must get some gigs over here. We are in West Sussex now, not far from Brighton. Is there anything on your schedule for this area in the near future? I must go and get some of the ‘Tweeters’ albums – the stuff with Dominic Miller sounds great.

    All the best
    David King

  32. tplyons Says:

    Hi Pino,

    You’ve been very influential to my playing, and your playing with John and JM3 has really gotten me into the blues. Do you have any recommendations for getting into blues? What do you recommend listening to?

    And about your Jaguar: do you use the off-the-shelf Japanese made Jaguars or are they Fender Custom Shop? Any mods to either? How do you have them setup (with the plethora of controls)

    Thanks, and looking forward to seeing you on tour with the Who again. Saw you on tour in 2002 (2003?) and was JUST getting into your bass playing back then.

    Timothy Lyons
    Bethlehem, PA/Madison, NJ

  33. cdbeach Says:

    hey hey Pino,
    so basicaly i relized I wanted to become a R&B bassist the moment I heard you on Voodoo. I couldnt believe what I was hearing out of that bass of yours. That made me get into so much other music, the kinda stuff you mostly listed as your players of influence.
    Could you maybe give some insight to the magic that is happening when you play that kind of stuff(R&B, neo soul, hip hop)? meening groove,layin back, and all that good stuff to someone who wants to lead in that direction in playing.

    Charles Beach

  34. amirian Says:

    Hi Pino,
    You said in Bass Player’s review, that you’re still for hire. Did you mean that it’s possible to have you playing also on a non-megastar record?
    Simply, I’d like to invite you to play on an audiophile record for local division of Universal Music I’ll be doing next year. How can I talk to you about it?

    Thank you in advance:)


  35. mouthalmighty Says:

    Hi Pino. My name is Paul and I used to play trombone. We messed about with a jazz/funk thing in the early 80s with Arran and Dicky Dunn, then you had to go to LA to work with some guy named Gary something… I hope that went well for you πŸ™‚

    I just wanted to say hi and thank you. You guys taught me so much about musicianship and it completely changed my direction. I’m pleased to say that I’m still earning a living through music and hardly a day goes by without me putting into practice something that I learned from you and the rest of the ‘Cardiff Contingent’. I just wish I’d realised how lucky I was at the time!

    Congratulations on a stunning carreer and long may you continue to teach us all.

    All the best

  36. lsully Says:

    Honor to be in contact with you!
    Quick question. What guage/tension/length LaBella Flats to use to drop the tuning on a P-bass to C# or D? ALso, do you experience dead spots on the fretboard when you detune like that?

  37. jappa76 Says:

    Dear Pino,
    I’m a italian fan of your fretless playing…but you play in too much album, i can’t buy all!;-)
    Can you tell me some of your favourites session work with the fretless bass?
    Thanks from italy

  38. 1bassleft Says:

    Hello Pino,
    If it’s OK, I wanted to add “Music for Chameleons” to our site’s “Favourite Bass Riffs” thread (http://guitarsite.com/hotlicks/viewtopic.php?t=3102). Can you tell me if you appeared in the TOTP and other TV appearances when the single was out in 1982? It looks like you (playing a fretless Stingray) but the cameras don’t stay on the bass player for long (typical!)

  39. bignoot Says:

    I just bought a Fender jazz 5 string bass at a yard sale near Huntsville, Al, and your signature is on the back of the headstock, with the date 2002. Did you sign this for someone, or did you own it?


  40. yellowhatb Says:

    Will you be playing on D’Angelo’s next record? Do you know anything about it?
    You’re the man,

  41. lowbstring Says:

    I have been listening to JM3 Continuum , and i love your sound and the way you lay back in the pocket. Is there a technique that you could recommend to help a player find that “groove”. Thanks so much!
    Keep up the awesome work…

  42. pietra21 Says:

    How are you?what are your next project?
    I hope that I will meet you a day,I’m very excited because my father has a cousin like you.
    He stopped play the guitar when he started to work in police,but I hope that a day he will play again.
    Ciao from Campobasso

  43. ousen Says:

    hey Pino..
    My friends father is Christian Celinder and once he made a white bass for you.. I play bass and have played on that one, but tell me, when did you use it?


  44. ousen Says:

    Mail me at mathi-splathi@hotmail.com that would be great !


  45. tobias13606 Says:

    Hey Pino,
    Hope things are going well.When are you going to update your website?I’m sure I’m not the only one who wonders whats going on.

  46. dyggen Says:

    Greetings, Pino.

    I can’t get enough of JMT music. I have worn out my Try! CD. Last word I heard was the JMT was going to be back. I’m anxiously awaiting JMT’s return. You and Steve make the best sounding back-end I think I have ever heard. Putting that together with John’s vocals and guitar is one of the finest thing to ever happen to my ears.

    Are you able to speculate as to when we might see JMT back together and maybe even an album?

    Good fortune and good times.


  47. drewhoffmanbassmasta Says:

    Hello Pino,
    First off i would like to say that you are my favorate bass player of all time. I was talking to my dads buisness partner yesterday, Jeffery Michealson, and he said you to were freinds. Is this true or if Jeffery just trying to get my hopes up of meeting you?

    Drew Hoffman

  48. drewhoffmanbassmasta Says:

    Oh Yeah i forgot to mention i play bass too! check out the band i just got a gig playing with

  49. p0lanski Says:

    Hey men can you please or anyone to read this helpme and send me the tab for the song penitentiary philosophy from eryka badhu album mamas gun. iam a very bad bassist but i work hard. i think my hear skills there are no to god. well im from mexico and my best whishes to all. tanks anyway.

  50. blessmoon Says:

    Hi Pino,
    I’d like to ask: What made you switch to a fretless bass in the seventies?

  51. thebassbat Says:

    hi pino just want to thank you for them very moveing bass lines that you have done over the years ther is no other bass player has come close to the sound you have .i wish i could of seen you play back in the early 80s with paul thats what got me playing the bass paul young songs .oh ya and live aid ye wher the best sounding band at that gig. by the way have you still got that stingray . all the best barry from ireland

  52. mrmaniac2591 Says:

    hey pino i am new onto the scene of playing bass. i recently saw you in john mayers “where the light is” and i really enjoyed “good love is on th way” but i cant find a tab. is there anyway you could send me some tablature? that would be amazing!

    your newest fan- ricky

  53. spappy Says:

    Good day Sir,
    I cannot possibly say anything new or unique about your talent, tone or influence on the bass world… so I’ll just jump into the question if that’s OK.

    Your replicated red P bass synonymous with you but on occasion you don a sunburst P bass (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygCeBoYD9ps) and, in my very humble opinion, it has slightly more punch/definition.
    My question is: “Is there a difference in strings or pick ups between those two basses?”

    Thank you so much for being exactly as you are.
    Greetings from South Africa,

  54. Jon Says:

    Hey Pino! Do you offer bass lessons? πŸ™‚

  55. sheikhyerbuti Says:

    Hi Pino,

    I need a bit of advice from ‘The Master’.

    I am using a early 90’s Trace Elliot GP12 SMX 280w with 2×10 (& tweeter) cab and 1×15 cab.

    I saw Phil Jones Bass equipment at the show last year in Birmingham and was impressed. The sound was great.

    Of course, typically at such venues, as you start to try it out at the stand, there is always a ‘wannabe’ Jaco / Stanley / Victor / Marcus ready to crank up the volume and outrun you and outslap you, so you tend to drift off the stand belittled.

    Have you an opinion / comment on how the PJB Suitcase plus a 4B cabinet would compare to my existing set up in terms delivery. We do the social club circuit in and around Bristol.

    I fully understand that it is a perhaps a difficult question for you to answer in your position.

    (You were amazing at the Who gig in Bristol)

    Best Regards

  56. phenomics Says:

    I just don’t know what to ask … I just wanted to say I like your style. Keep on doin’ πŸ™‚

    Well .. I finally have one question (I looked you up at Wikipedia so): Do you still play guitar? (I don’t mean bass guitar).

  57. groovecentral Says:

    I don’t suppose that you have any idea what happened to Jeff Finch? I think about him every time I play one of his basses – which is quite often!
    All the bass

  58. siddacat Says:

    Hey Pino on the video with John Mayer trio “Who did you think I was” Fretted or fretless P bass? Very shiny fingerboard

  59. stefanozunino Says:

    hi pino, i was enjoying the dvd of where the light is(john mayer), when i paid some attention at the bass, and i tried to know who was the man behind the instrument, and the amazing sound,you were playing amazing, anyway i loved your work and i just wanted to know if you got some cd’s or dvd’s to buy(i mean, some solos or personal bass work like bass sessions or something like that), and where i can get them, cause i live in chile, and down here is very difficult to find good music, the only shit that people listen here is reggeton and i hate it a lot, if you could giveme some advices, i would appreciate it very much.
    sorry for taking a little of your time, and thanks anyway,

    best regards

    stefano zunino.

  60. haydbass Says:

    hey Pino,

    I’ve been a huge fan of yours for years now and you have been a huge influence to my playing! I was just curious if you have any recordings of yourself playing a Rob Allen bass? I noticed on a bass forum that apparently you have a custom RA and I’m really interested in hearing your style come through on one of those basses.

    Thanks for your time,
    Hayden Farrar

  61. ubifluxus Says:

    No question, only my greatings to you. I’m a french Double bass player and friend of GΓ©rard De Haro (the sound man of La Buissonne in France). You’re really a reference for me on bass. Many thanks for your music!

    Bruno Chevillon

  62. mrpink1991 Says:


    Just starting to discover your playing. I want to know what tracks you are most proud of. Who were they with? AND WHERE CAN I BUY THEM!?


  63. jackgreen10 Says:

    HEy pino i study bass at acm in guildford we regularly have serious session playwers and major artists such as yourself come down for masterclasses would you eveer consider coming down here to do one?

  64. asirett4 Says:

    Hi Pino,

    I’m sorry to bother you on your blog but I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind doing me a huge favour. My best mate is getting married at the start of August and as best man I was hoping to get him a gift for the occasion. He’s a huge fan of yours and I know he’d love a signed picture or any message to him. I appreciate the cheek in asking but if you wouldn’t mind sending anything that would be amazing. His name is Matthew and he gets married on the 6th of August.

    Thanks for any help with this, it would be much appreciated.


  65. Iklan Baris Says:

    Iklan Baris

    Q: Can I ask Pino a question? | Pino\’s Bass Blog

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