Pino's Bass Blog is bass player Pino Palladino's personal weblog.

Here he'll write about bass guitar related issues.

Background information about his career can be found at Pino Palladino's BASSment


One Response to “About”

  1. Alp Tansel Says:

    Greetings , i am Alp 35 ,and I hope you are still keeping watch on this site. You sir, Vangelis and Queen the band are my favourite musicians.( interested in Tony Levin and John Taylor also) .I ve been playing bass guitar for 20 years almost but i have never been a professional musician. Your playing stands for the magical strength of 80ies and early 90ies music ,for me. Nowadays ,since 20 years approx., pop music has lost its magic and inspiration mostly.i have to admit I have barely listened your recordings which are from the last 2 decade of jazz music and other modern pops.but if you ever have plans to come play in Turkiye, I could not bare the idea of missing your performance even though your chorusfull punchy magical fretless playing cannot fit in any of the music in the year 2012.
    So I hope you are alive there and willing to write me back.
    In case my email is Alptansel@gmail.com

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